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My Kidney Transplant Count down.

Tuesday the 31/08/2021. Hello, dear blog readers. I hope you, all had a happy peaceful, and reasonably healthy, few days since my last blog. The days were great to me, thank goodness, except for the odd few cramps in my legs, on the dialysis machine days. I was told by my nurse that I have put on weight. This pleased me greatly. I was very worried in February when I dropped down 6 and a half kilo after my COVID19 infection. I am 43 Kilo, up from 41, kilo. I really need to build the muscles up, on my legs and arms, there are bat wings, flapping above my elbows, and my scrany legs are in need of a tone up. My daughter is getting me an exercise bike which will help build up my legs. I will start using 2 filled cans of minerals to build up my arms. Raising them high above my head. I need to be strong and healthy to get reinstated back on the Kidney Transplant pool list, When the Surgeon gives me the next grafted kidney I will need to have one removed, o fit the new kidney into the right-hand side of my groin. It will be a big procedure for me., I feel that God showed me what’s in store when I had those last three ops, 1 in November and 2 near enough together a couple of months ago. I do know the Kidney transplant op is not as harrowing now, as when I had my first Transplant in September 1985. A total of 8 hours I spent in the theatre. What a shame it only lasted 10 days. I lost my Kidney and my dear uncle Eddie, or Neddie as most people called him. was killed 4 days later, in a hit-and-run accident. The Car ran him over and sped off. A long story and very heartbreaking for our entire family. As uncle Neddy was a great man loved by everyone that knew him. Eddie had dyslexia, however, he was a talented horticulturist. Self-thought by trial and error. He worked on the Guinnesse’s estate, for Lord Iveagh for many long years. The Lord of the manor had great faith in my uncle. I loved Eddie with all my heart he was like the father figure I never had. God bless, his beautiful soul in heaven. The Doctors in the Transplant ward let me out of the hospital to visit Ireland if I was up to the journey. However, I stayed at my Mum’s house and looked after my Sister, with a few other family members. This story is in ‘Thursday’s child’, my Memoir. This book is still available from me or the Waterford Healing Arts Trust on sale for 10 euro, more required for postage e2.50c in Ireland 5.00 to send it to England. Email me if interested at Sending out distant healing love and light tto my blog readers. Prayers are always said for those in need, Join my or Twitter groups. Kind regards Liz McCue. The feisty renal Warrior.

My Kidney Transplant Countdown.

Hello, my dear blog readers. I hope we are all reasonably well. I had a few days off. As I had an issue with a tissue in my leg, this caused me a few nightmare nights. To be honest, I was afraid to tell my Dr, just in case the sweet soul, might decide to keep me in the hospital. I told the nurse, the sister in charge informed the Dr, It looked okay. Just very sore and needs to have a pad over it for much longer.. I got antibiotics and pain relievers from the Dr that helped put my mind at rest. Today my daughter came over, for a visit and brought me for a nice treat down the local tea-rooms. We had a relaxing sit-down outside on the benches. The weather was pleasant enough and the cup of tea and cream cake was scrumptiously good. It tickled my taste buds. all I wished for was my next successful Kidney Transplant. Why you may ask? Because I can only drink 1 liter. each day That includes everything. When the lady brought out the lovely pot of tea, all for me. I had to leave most of it in the pot. When I get my precious new Kidney I will be able to drink lots of fluid. When I had my 3rd successful Kidney, in 1989. I felt like I had gone to heaven. I could drink lots of fluids, plus, eat a lot more healthy foods, that kidney patients are not allowed to eat. Everything I like that is good for normal healthy people, is not allowed for me. This can be frustrating for kidney patients. However, God is good, and one of these days, my name will be put back on the Kidney Transplant list, Then I can wait patiently for my mobile phone to ring and the Organ administrator in the Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, will tell me, grab your case Elizabeth, we have a match. When my suspension is lifted, my name goes forward, for every kidney transplant that arrives for transplantation. This will be like winning the Irish Lotto. The only difference is our health, is our wealth. We all need money to survive in life. Without good health and well-being. money is only the second-best. Good night, and sweet dreams to all my readers. Please leave a like on Facebook if you have read tonight’s edition. 😉

My Kidney Transplant Countdown.

Hello, dear blog readers. Yesterday. I decided to write a few chapters for my secoound book. Which I really enjoy doing, in-between my household chores. I sat wondering this morning ‘what will I write in today’s blog’. On Friday the13th I wrote about the Challenge for the Covid19 garden of remembrance. I’m not sure if anyone managed to read it. Today I would like to open the door for a 30-day countdown to Positive change. Let’s think of 10 or more blessings we are grateful for. Get a pen and paper ready, find a nice peaceful spot to sit, where we won’t be disturbed. Turn off the mobile phone, and other electrical disturbances. Close our eyes and just let the mind wander. Then ask our mind, what makes me happy, content, and at peace? What am I grateful for today. Then after we have had time to think. Write today I am grateful for X Y and Z. Just let our mind flow. Next put a sentence under each Person or item we are thankful for and say why we are glad about them. For me one thing I am forever grateful for is my Renal dialysis kidney machine, nicknamed Mable, and my caring angel nurses and care bears. (ssistant’s) The answer is Mable keeps me able to stay alive and kicking. Without the machine and my angel nurses, and care bears, to keep my Mable machine working, 3 days a week. 3 and a half hours at a time, I would not be alive. I am exttremely grateful. That’s just one thing on my gratitude list. The minute we start, mote items will come to mind. Choose a smooth garden stone ,a crystal or even something precious to hold in our hand Let’s call it our gratitude stone. When we wake up in the morninng take the stone or crystal in our hand and give thanks for whatever we are grateful for. We may add moore items daily to our list. This is up to us, to choose what we want to do. Say thank you, thank you, thank you God or whomever you believe to be ythe Creator,, for my gift of Abundance. Watch out throughout our day, and see great new People and item’s manifesting into our lives. As we give our thanks for each gift we receive. Please believe me, when I tell you this really does work, because I do it on a regular basis my readers. My list gets bigger every day. People are put into our lives for a learning lesson. I am in your life to give an uplift and you are in mine to inspire me, to write my blog. For this I’m most truly grateful for you all and the uplifting I get from writing my blog. Watch this space for day 2 of the 30 day countdown to positive change. Love, light and angel blessings to all my dear hearted readers. Regards Lizzy-bits.

My Kidney Transplant Countdown.

Good afternoon readers. Today I would like to invite people to a challenge. Lets plant a garden of Rememberance in our own back gaardens. In honour of family memmbers and friends. Even for our Organ ddonors past present and future. We have catastrophic happening here on Mother Earth on a daily basis. Raging infernos blazing out of control due to Fforest fires started by high global temperatures in European countries or arsonists setting fires for the kick out of it.. Even in our own Kingdom of Kerry here in Ireland, we had a bad fire. These have wreaked havoc on our planet, The fauna flora, and wildlife. Even people and pets have lost their lives. In other places, there is severe flooding. My Challenge to whoever reads this page, iss can we all start a little garden for food and plants or shrubs that will help the Bees. The garden doesn’t have to be a chore it can be a fun new hobby to lift the spirit during this Covid19 pandenic. Spending time in nature can be therapeutic and is also a form of meditation. As everyone knows we get peace of mind when the manic monkey ego voice quietens down. No matter how small or large we want to go. A herb planter to a rose garden . Maybe marigolds bluebells, the list is endless. Whatever plant we fancy for our garden of Rememberance for Covid19. We can do it in loving memory of loved ones lost. Better still why not plant a tree with daffodil or crocus bulbs underneath. When you have success, please let me know how you get on. Did it bring peace and happiness of any sort? DMaybeit attract inssects and bees? I would love to share more ideas with you tomorrow. may abundance bblossom when we give our gratitude for all we manifest in life. We are aall worthy of tthe best in this beautiful life. After all we reap what we sew, in our mind or on Mother Earth. Please watch this space. Love Liz McCcue. The Feisty Renal Warrrior.

My New Transplant countdown

How are you all on this bright sunny and windy day? Yesterday was my first posting for some time. Where do I stand on the Transplant list,? I’m temporarily suspended for quite a while, My kidney dialysis nurse Tessi still sends my blood for tissue typing every 3 months. This gives me faith that one day my phone will ring to welcome me back full time. I wait with anticipation for this outcome. When my strength is back on track. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I believe and trust my desire will come through. There is no time in the real world. Time was a man-made commodity. When the right moment comes along all will be well. At present, I’m chasing health by the tail, and holding on for dear life. I was never a quieter of things I believe in. I have fought great battles with ill-health and always manage to win. The Covid 19 has set me back. My life is like a game of snakes and ladders. I go up a few long ladders and the sneaky old snake gets a grip and down I slither. Always remember winners never quit whatever we desire, we must keep going, with hope in our heart and focus in our mind’s eyes. I have lots of goals set that I am aiming towards my readers. I write them down on a vision board and look at them regularly. I find this a great help to me. It helps me focus. When each vision comes through I give sincere gratitude to God. Then I write down my next goal on the board. I get some sense of achievement when I see all these goals marked off, Little things I know, but it pleases my beautiful creative mind. I get the feeling of peace and serenity, this brings butterflies flocking into my tummy. The motto of my blog today is <Never giving up, keep believing in yourself and your expectations in life. Always give gratitude for each gift of abundance received. Life will send more of what we focus on. Dream big my readers. Stay safe and well. Keep smiling my lovely readers. Watch this space.

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