Hello, dear blog readers. Here’s hoping this blog finds everyone in reasonably good health. I have not checked in for a while, I was hunting for long-lost School friends from my childhood years. The task at hand was tedious, due to coming up with dead-ends. Thumbs up to the social networking Facebook, they came up trumps. I found a page called ‘Chapelizod old photographs.’ Chapelizod is a village in Co Dublin near where I lived at Knockmaroon Lodge, Like opening a hornet’s nest, names started to register in my mind. I was happy as a sandboy or girl building a huge sandcastle. This brought me great pleasure and cherished memories and it helped take my mind off the 3 sessions a week, with able Mabel, the lifesaver machine. 🙂 My longest-ever friend Rita Little, got in touch with me last week on Facebook. Her brother Paul found my post on the Chapelizod page. This was the icing on my cake for 2021. Then 3 other women spotted the post I had put up on the page saying I was at school in the local Mount Sackville Convent. The sisters of Cluny were great to me, God bless them. The nuns gave me the best 7 years of my life in the day Convent. they had great faith in my storytelling. due to old Sr Brendan, I always got lovely holy pictures. My head would be buzzing, whenever I got my holy picture.. I often ran up the road home, after school at 3 pm, after school.,to show mammy. She was always smiling and proud of me. I would get the key for the locked brown Wardrope, in the kitchen, where my prayer book and our precious items were kept. Due to a lot of people in the house. We lived with my mammy’s parents, Ned and Lizzy, Mammy and daddy, My aunty, Patty, and her brother Eddie. As you can see from this story finding my beautiful friends, brought me all these lovely memories that lift my spirits. There are many magnificent miracles I am very grateful to God for each day that I am given, my creative beautiful, talented mind. By writing my blog I am helping to feed my brain with joyful positive vibes. I’m grateful to my readers that take the time and energy to read my blog. Any person that has not yet read ‘Thursday’s child ‘can still read a lot more of my memoirs in the book. Contact by emailing me at elizabethmccue@outlook.ie For details to buy the book. you can reach me on Faceebook and Twitter I leave my love with all. Kind regards Lizzy-bits. Akka Liz McCue.