Hello blog readers. >How have you all been in the weeks I haven’t been in contact? I have received my letter from the Whitfield private hospital,, Waterford. An appointment for the 1st of November to check the Cataract on my right eye. This eye lets me down on colour and vision. I have waited for ages on this appointment. Once they see the eye again, I may get a quicker appointment for a Cataract. removal. How blessed I will be to get rid of the dullness from my vision. Being able to see properly is an abundance from God. Which I’m grateful for. My public nurse Sinead is a sweetheart and comes to dress my leg 2 days per week on a Monday and Thursday. My dialysis is going exceptionally well. I often wonder why God chose me to be a Warrior and a Survivor? I feel I have not found all my purpose here on Mother Earth yet. When I was born that night I have put n an incubator, where I was determined I was going to give it my best. From then on it was illnesses and infections. Everything going I got. Dear Mam was forever up and down to the Doctor and pharmacists. Must of cost her great wear and tear on Mam’s shoe leader. My mother was one great lady and my dad never kept us short of anything. As most of my book readers know I have been on machines in my life. Had serious operations Covid19 really threw a spanner in my Wheel of life. I was waiting to see the Heart surgeon in Waterford, to get his opinion on how strong I would be for this new Kidney. Whoever reads my blog, please pray for Liz McCue, the feisty renal warrior. I need everybody’s prayers to help me get extremely strong . I will keep you all in my prayers, my precious blog readers. Stay safe dear ones. Until we talk again. Love Lizzy-bits….