17/10/2019. Today was an exciting day for me. Let me tell you why. The feisty renal warrior Lizzy bits got the much needed help from my technically minded friend Max, to put a blog up on my Web page. Now yes this might be only a small step for all you Whiz kids in social media world, To me it was a giant step. I’m grateful to Max for his help, when I ask for help. he waves a magic wand, Wey hey, up the page will pop.for me. I am coming on great guns. I have started writing a few pages of positive stories, to cheer myself and other people up. There’s a lot of gloom on the media also in the local papers. Hopefully I will fir jigsaw of stories together, and get the book published.. I love stories that will uplift and inspire my readers.. I am keeping it under wraps for a while, till I see how it is fairing out. I usually write my chapter in full, walk away and Leave it for a couple of days, then take it out for inspection like a new mind reading another authors manuscript. Sometime I often think where did that phrase come from. I correct and maybe change a few sentences or delete as I think appropriate. That’s how I wrote my last book ‘Thursday’s child’. Some days I bring all my writing books and my parker pen into the Renal dialysis unit, intending to put my mind to work and write a few pages for the 4 hours, ass I sit beside my Sid machine. Sid is the Kidney machines nickname, for those that dont know my story. However on those days God has a chuckle at my expense as I drift off into the land of nod. Oblivious of my whereabouts, till the unit nurse in charge comes to take me off Sid and send me on my way. I am in again in the morning at 07.30 am. My nurses are wonderful. They work hard and at this time of year we have nurses on holiday overseas, the absentee nurses cannot be replaced, that means the few nurses we have need to work extra hard. I’m blessed to have Sid and the A team saving my life. Keeping me Healthy and getting me ready for kidney transplant number 4.I am in the hospital 3 mornings a week Tuesday, thursday and saturday mornings. No matter what the weather or what’s going on in my life I have to be with Sid. This is my journey as a Feisty renal warrior fighting for Life and waiting in hope for my next Gift of Life. Blessings of love and light to us all. Sleep well Sweet dreams ❤️