18/10/2018. The morning started of satisfactory, that was after I had a pep talk with my inner child. I was getting up and young Thursday’s child was all on for a much needed rest. Ah now Elizabeth. Up you get and no more of your old nonsense. The alarm is well gone off. Bingo we synchronised together and up like the Lark. The taxi pulled up at the kerb sharp on 7am. Still pitch dark. Roll on the clock change. That hour will make it Brighter in the mornings. Darker in the evening time. Off I headed. Shouting my goodbyes to Barney my partner and Alfie boy, the hound from the Waterford pound.There was only the driver and I in the car going this morning. My partner in crime for the dialysis unit was still been kept upstairs for some procedure or other. The morning passed pleasantly, No complaints about Sid the formidable lifesaving heap of machinery. and it was soon time to meet up with the Tea room tattlers for the weekly catch up and the gossip. As we sip our tea and munch our toast or daily Sandwich of the day. Today one of my nurses had her baby boy What great excitement. This baby was a gift from god Her age was getting on. We were all delighted for our Angel nurse, After I got home this evening I had to go to the nurse for my Flu Jab and get a form signed by my GP. The injection didn’t hurt, that pleased me. Well done to Trichy my nurse in the health centre.Barney had his Flu Jab and seen his Dr too. We were all finished. Time for Marks Fish and Chips from main street Kilmacthomas. If you ever get to visit Kilmacthomas Co Waterford, please be sure to give Mark Regan a shout. Best fish and chips around. On the whole it was a great day. I got my Blog sorted, as you can see from my up dates. Earlier I was on about the animals I have and had before We got our little Alfie boy after Boomerang Benny had to brought to the vet and put to sleep. Our Ben was just coming up on 16 years young He had heart failure and his kidneys packed up also. The shine on his beautiful black fur. His little legs never grew However his body was long and his tail was never cut. pure black with a blob of white on the top. So we could always spot him in the long grass. He was nicknamed Boomerang, because he always came back with the ball stick or anytime he was called. Benny’s up in Sirrus now That’s Doggy pet heaven to all us that grieve our doggies.We were both devastated losing our old Maestro he was a border collie cross terrier. A grand loyal dog. Barney was unconsolable when I came back from the Vet without our beloved best ever friend. I am almost in tears as I write about my old faithful.