Tuesday the 31/08/2021. Hello, dear blog readers. I hope you, all had a happy peaceful, and reasonably healthy, few days since my last blog. The days were great to me, thank goodness, except for the odd few cramps in my legs, on the dialysis machine days. I was told by my nurse that I have put on weight. This pleased me greatly. I was very worried in February when I dropped down 6 and a half kilo after my COVID19 infection. I am 43 Kilo, up from 41, kilo. I really need to build the muscles up, on my legs and arms, there are bat wings, flapping above my elbows, and my scrany legs are in need of a tone up. My daughter is getting me an exercise bike which will help build up my legs. I will start using 2 filled cans of minerals to build up my arms. Raising them high above my head. I need to be strong and healthy to get reinstated back on the Kidney Transplant pool list, When the Surgeon gives me the next grafted kidney I will need to have one removed, o fit the new kidney into the right-hand side of my groin. It will be a big procedure for me., I feel that God showed me what’s in store when I had those last three ops, 1 in November and 2 near enough together a couple of months ago. I do know the Kidney transplant op is not as harrowing now, as when I had my first Transplant in September 1985. A total of 8 hours I spent in the theatre. What a shame it only lasted 10 days. I lost my Kidney and my dear uncle Eddie, or Neddie as most people called him. was killed 4 days later, in a hit-and-run accident. The Car ran him over and sped off. A long story and very heartbreaking for our entire family. As uncle Neddy was a great man loved by everyone that knew him. Eddie had dyslexia, however, he was a talented horticulturist. Self-thought by trial and error. He worked on the Guinnesse’s estate, for Lord Iveagh for many long years. The Lord of the manor had great faith in my uncle. I loved Eddie with all my heart he was like the father figure I never had. God bless, his beautiful soul in heaven. The Doctors in the Transplant ward let me out of the hospital to visit Ireland if I was up to the journey. However, I stayed at my Mum’s house and looked after my Sister, with a few other family members. This story is in ‘Thursday’s child’, my Memoir. This book is still available from me or the Waterford Healing Arts Trust on sale for 10 euro, more required for postage e2.50c in Ireland 5.00 to send it to England. Email me if interested at elizabethmcccue@outlook.ie. Sending out distant healing love and light tto my blog readers. Prayers are always said for those in need, Join my Facebook.com or Twitter groups. Kind regards Liz McCue. The feisty renal Warrior.