Hello, my readers. I haven’t been in contact since May the 24th, 2020. Due to health issues I needed to deal with, I had a few staycations in the Waterford University hospital. Roughly 26 weeks. I was beginning to think the hse wanted to adopt me. First I got blood poisoning, this opened a hornet’s nest for numerous ill health issues, blood clots, then the long-term dialysis graft line was removed. Temporary lines were inserted. I eventually got the Covid19 Virus in the Medical 2 ward. This was my February the 14th present from St Valentine delivered to Lizzy-bits. No chocolate or flowers as a treat.
He wanted me to have lasting effects from the sneaky Covid spores. I was moved to the new Oncology hospital inside the older hospital gatesThe hse used it as their Covid19 infectious disease hospital. I gave 9 weeks in solitary confinement, tearing strips from my hair with sheer frustration. Thinking any day now things will get worse and I will be shooting up daisies and dandelions. Thankfully it never came to that. I was one of the lucky ones. From there I moved back to our normal hospital medical ward. The Covid cases had cleared up in these wards. They fumigate the wards near the main nurse’s desk. This was a blessing for other new patients that needed hospitalization to recover from ill-health. I stayed in another few weeks to keep me on the safe side before they let me home. I had forgotten all about
my writing and yesterday II received a message from my dear pal Max about whatever I wanted to keep this Countdown going? I now have half my second book written. Please stick with your feisty renal heroine warrior to see what happens. Watch this space, my dear readers. Kind regards Liz McCue