Good afternoon readers. Today I would like to invite people to a challenge. Lets plant a garden of Rememberance in our own back gaardens. In honour of family memmbers and friends. Even for our Organ ddonors past present and future. We have catastrophic happening here on Mother Earth on a daily basis. Raging infernos blazing out of control due to Fforest fires started by high global temperatures in European countries or arsonists setting fires for the kick out of it.. Even in our own Kingdom of Kerry here in Ireland, we had a bad fire. These have wreaked havoc on our planet, The fauna flora, and wildlife. Even people and pets have lost their lives. In other places, there is severe flooding. My Challenge to whoever reads this page, iss can we all start a little garden for food and plants or shrubs that will help the Bees. The garden doesn’t have to be a chore it can be a fun new hobby to lift the spirit during this Covid19 pandenic. Spending time in nature can be therapeutic and is also a form of meditation. As everyone knows we get peace of mind when the manic monkey ego voice quietens down. No matter how small or large we want to go. A herb planter to a rose garden . Maybe marigolds bluebells, the list is endless. Whatever plant we fancy for our garden of Rememberance for Covid19. We can do it in loving memory of loved ones lost. Better still why not plant a tree with daffodil or crocus bulbs underneath. When you have success, please let me know how you get on. Did it bring peace and happiness of any sort? DMaybeit attract inssects and bees? I would love to share more ideas with you tomorrow. may abundance bblossom when we give our gratitude for all we manifest in life. We are aall worthy of tthe best in this beautiful life. After all we reap what we sew, in our mind or on Mother Earth. Please watch this space. Love Liz McCcue. The Feisty Renal Warrrior.