Hello, dear blog readers. Yesterday. I decided to write a few chapters for my secoound book. Which I really enjoy doing, in-between my household chores. I sat wondering this morning ‘what will I write in today’s blog’. On Friday the13th I wrote about the Challenge for the Covid19 garden of remembrance. I’m not sure if anyone managed to read it. Today I would like to open the door for a 30-day countdown to Positive change. Let’s think of 10 or more blessings we are grateful for. Get a pen and paper ready, find a nice peaceful spot to sit, where we won’t be disturbed. Turn off the mobile phone, and other electrical disturbances. Close our eyes and just let the mind wander. Then ask our mind, what makes me happy, content, and at peace? What am I grateful for today. Then after we have had time to think. Write today I am grateful for X Y and Z. Just let our mind flow. Next put a sentence under each Person or item we are thankful for and say why we are glad about them. For me one thing I am forever grateful for is my Renal dialysis kidney machine, nicknamed Mable, and my caring angel nurses and care bears. (ssistant’s) The answer is Mable keeps me able to stay alive and kicking. Without the machine and my angel nurses, and care bears, to keep my Mable machine working, 3 days a week. 3 and a half hours at a time, I would not be alive. I am exttremely grateful. That’s just one thing on my gratitude list. The minute we start, mote items will come to mind. Choose a smooth garden stone ,a crystal or even something precious to hold in our hand Let’s call it our gratitude stone. When we wake up in the morninng take the stone or crystal in our hand and give thanks for whatever we are grateful for. We may add moore items daily to our list. This is up to us, to choose what we want to do. Say thank you, thank you, thank you God or whomever you believe to be ythe Creator,, for my gift of Abundance. Watch out throughout our day, and see great new People and item’s manifesting into our lives. As we give our thanks for each gift we receive. Please believe me, when I tell you this really does work, because I do it on a regular basis my readers. My list gets bigger every day. People are put into our lives for a learning lesson. I am in your life to give an uplift and you are in mine to inspire me, to write my blog. For this I’m most truly grateful for you all and the uplifting I get from writing my blog. Watch this space for day 2 of the 30 day countdown to positive change. Love, light and angel blessings to all my dear hearted readers. Regards Lizzy-bits.