Hello, my dear blog readers. I hope we are all reasonably well. I had a few days off. As I had an issue with a tissue in my leg, this caused me a few nightmare nights. To be honest, I was afraid to tell my Dr, just in case the sweet soul, might decide to keep me in the hospital. I told the nurse, the sister in charge informed the Dr, It looked okay. Just very sore and needs to have a pad over it for much longer.. I got antibiotics and pain relievers from the Dr that helped put my mind at rest. Today my daughter came over, for a visit and brought me for a nice treat down the local tea-rooms. We had a relaxing sit-down outside on the benches. The weather was pleasant enough and the cup of tea and cream cake was scrumptiously good. It tickled my taste buds. all I wished for was my next successful Kidney Transplant. Why you may ask? Because I can only drink 1 liter. each day That includes everything. When the lady brought out the lovely pot of tea, all for me. I had to leave most of it in the pot. When I get my precious new Kidney I will be able to drink lots of fluid. When I had my 3rd successful Kidney, in 1989. I felt like I had gone to heaven. I could drink lots of fluids, plus, eat a lot more healthy foods, that kidney patients are not allowed to eat. Everything I like that is good for normal healthy people, is not allowed for me. This can be frustrating for kidney patients. However, God is good, and one of these days, my name will be put back on the Kidney Transplant list, Then I can wait patiently for my mobile phone to ring and the Organ administrator in the Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, will tell me, grab your case Elizabeth, we have a match. When my suspension is lifted, my name goes forward, for every kidney transplant that arrives for transplantation. This will be like winning the Irish Lotto. The only difference is our health, is our wealth. We all need money to survive in life. Without good health and well-being. money is only the second-best. Good night, and sweet dreams to all my readers. Please leave a like on Facebook if you have read tonight’s edition. 😉