A day off today, from the 3 day week kidney cleansing treatment session. I love having the day off. I have time to be myself, not just a number on a hospital consultants file that needs the Kidney machine to do the work of my 2 real kidneys. This is my life-saving kidney dialysis session, just to get me from one week to the next. Without my machine and 4 hour treatment I would not survive more than a week. The toxins and fluid would make my other organs shut down and eventually I would drown in the build up of fluid in my lungs. All would cease up. Today is another day nearer to my gift of Life. Sadly someone has to die for me to get the correct match. My family have all their bloods checked years ago. There was nobody suitable. When a person is intensive care and they need to have their ventilator turned off. If this person has given their permission and their family agree Then the kidneys and other organs may be used in Transplantation for recipients, waiting for this awesome gift of Life.God bless all Donors and their families. I am waiting on Kidney number 4 . I live in hope every day of that phone call to say they have a kidney for me 🙂 <3