At 2am Sunday the 28th October 2018 Our Irish clocks go back by 1 hour.. We will have an extra hour in bed.The clocks will not change again till March 2019. The EU has decided this should be our last year for the Clock changes. That hour always throws me out of proportion. The nights will be darker. Please God in time the mornings will be brighter. I love the light in the mornings. Nothing worse leaving at 07.00 am and it is pitch dark. Ireland has a celebration today The voting went on yesterday for the Presidential election. Michael D Higgins has done a superb job over his last 7 years in office. There was jubilations as he was re elected President of Ireland again with a landslide majority count. The best candidate was elected in my books. yes I did vote. I was happy with the outcome. In honour of Mr Michael D Higgins getting his seat, I decided to have a few bites of Lobster in honour of the occasion. I have only ate this sea crustacean creature 3 times in my life. Yes I loved it, I found it very heavy. Tickled my taste buds and filled my tummy. I would not be to interested in eating it again for a long while. I bought it already cooked. Just had to break the shell and devour the body meat. Lushious 🙂 The morning with Sid was satisfactory. My angel and I were very compatible (Nurse=Angel). We have a bug outbreak at our hospital. We are all getting our rectal swabs done on our rear enders. That’s all us brave Warriors need Another stretch in the lonely room. We get put in a segregated room if we have been contaminated by them bugs. Away from our friends. I am grateful I have never had the misfortune to be put in the lonely rooms. We have 3 all together and a secret one for very bad infections Its hidden out of sight Away from Prying eyes. Confidentiality and all that jazz. Hush hush. I am delighted I have time off till Tuesday morning. Me time. Maybe, just maybe that phone will ring and the Administrators in Dublin will call my name for the much needed Kidney transplant. I will never give up hope. On March the 4th I’m 14 years back on my Sid machine. Just goes to show by having a bit of positivity and keeping my trust and belief in getting another chance at my next transplant. Where there is a will There are always a way. Have a wonderful hallowed Bank holiday weekend.