Hello, my friends. I didn’t write my blog last night. I felt slightly lethargic. Today was a bank holiday Monday here in Southern Ireland. Last night I brought the landline phone to bed.. On a long bank holiday weekend, one never knows when the phone might ring with the much needed Kidney transplant. Alas this thought made a fool of me. 🙂 After waking up this morning, I asked myself, what is my passion in life What do I really desire to do, When I can truly answer this question, It will help me to feel a lot more happier in my inner self. Writing always pops into my mind, when I ask this question to my mind. I get a loving feeling in my heart Yes a Passion for sure. Fancy having a love affair with a Parker pen. There have been times I have been writing a loving story and the pen has brought me to euphoria. a sudden rush of excitement often comes to my mind. i have learned a lot over the last 3 years that’s a sure cert. Thanks to Grammarly, also. they help me with spelling and over used words that are not the correct and meaningful.. Hopefully I can have my next book out in 2019. I feel exhilarated, when I think of getting my next book published A tingle in my Sacral energy Chakra centre. gives me such a big buzz. <3 Today had magical moments, chatting with friends. My partners daughter Tracey came over to visit She brought beautiful photos and videos on her phone for us to look and listen too. We had a few laughs at old memories. That's what each day is about, making happy moments and new exciting memories. When we look back every year. Life seems to have flown by Our imagination is in Gods realm, our mind is in man made time. If this makes sense. We live our lives by the man made clock Not God's universal everlasting eternity. Live love and be joyous Each day is a blessing. I give gratitude for all the days I have had here on Mother Earth. Do what you love. Love what you do, Namaste dear hearts.