Goodness grasious., today wasn’t the best of days for the feisty renal warrior. I love Saturday’s and my 2 long day intervals between my Sid< dialysis sessions. Trouble is no matter how good I am with my diet or fluid intake. Come Monday I am often perplexed at the outcome. I mostly feel like death warmed up Whatever that feels like. One can only imagine: I left home this morning an hour earlier than last week. Although my Alarm rang at 05.45am That was really 06.45am Lovely to have the brightness not long after I set off on my journey to visit Sid for my much needed Tuesday morning Kidney dialysis session. I was met at the weighing scales by our new male nurse. Nice and good-humored. We got on affably well, for the 4 hours in the hospital unit. Pity I didn't shift all my fluid weight This was not helping me all day. My fluid was up as I left hospital on Saturday. Which meant today was a rear for me. Well, I do know life cannot always be that beautiful bowl of cherries. Any way I cannot stand them. They remind me of childhood memories, Mammys Brandy and port in the public-house in Castleknock and mam giving me her cocktail Cherry with the intense smelling alcohol. I often gagged on them cherries. Eat it up Elizabeth child, they are good for you. Strange how one thought of an inoffensive little Cherry can make my mind open old nostalgic memories Back to this morning, I slept well waking up on the last hour with severe cramp I was massaged by my male assistant and two barrels were given to me, to press my feet against,to help with my skeletal renal cramps that can be really painful. I was grateful to nurse A. He was a good carer for me. I came off Sid feeling under the weather Which is not favorable. Thank God I have Thursday and Saturday to get the fluid level more to my liking So I can feel motivated and raring to go. I headed to bed once I reached home. I slept a few more hours. I was meant to meet a friend, however, I had to skip my appointment due to the way I was feeling. Drained and lethargic. I was only fit for the land of oblivion. Well, folks that were Lizzy bits daily squabbles. another battle to fight for this Feisty renal warrior to win. I always come out on top Thanks to my Guardian angels Audrey and Johanna, who are looking after their Earth friend Liz Mccue. 24/7 Do what you love. Love what you do, Namaste dear hearts. Another day nearer my Gift of life Thank you, God.