Happy Halloween. Trick or treaters. Today I had a lay-in, my day off from Sid. I went to the sweet shop to stock up on more treats for the lucky bags, I was making for the children, that might knock on my door, as soon as darkness fell. I waited, just after 6 pm the first of the callers knocked. When I put the night light on and seen not one, but 6 cute little girls and 1 boy, It took me by shock. I was thinking have I enough bags made up at all. they all thanked me and went off happy with there treats. There were a couple more knocks 11 children altogether. I got off lightly. one year there was 27 I head counted. funny that it was the one year I gave money. maybe they were telling their friends As half the faces I didn’t know. I learned by my error that year,. Treats not money. Today I felt much better in myself, still breathless after not removing enough fluid on my machine yesterday. The weather was mild. I sold one of my books to a woman in Middlesex. I packaged it up tonight. So tomorrow I will post it, my book will be flying high, because yes “Thursday’s child” has far to go… Do what you love, Love what you do Namaste dear hearts.