My last few Kidney dialysis sessions have been grueling. I have had a couple of days rest from my blog. I often curse and say dear Lord why me. That is the time I stop take a deep breath in, count to 5 and exhale slowly. This helps me relax and feel light headed. I forget the gripe from the awful sessions. All the negativity that has been building up over the week evaporates. I think of the good times on the far horizon. My new and much-appreciated kidney transplant, that will change my life for the better. I look at other unwell patients on their treatment. I say ‘Thank you God I give gratitude for all the good in my life’, Amen. I have many riches in abundance that money cannot buy. The list is never-ending. I am always looked after and protected by my guardian angels. They keep me positive and help me to stay on the right path. for my highest good. I am 23 years on my machine. Granted I had a 13-year reprieval. Thanks to my 3rd successful Kidney transplant.The happy memories out way any unpleasant ones. I have hope in my heart. Faith is what gets me up and motivated in the early mornings. I think of people other than myself. When I get to the renal unit I go to my friends to check everyone is present and are reasonably well. I check if there is an interesting news story for the Irish Kidney Association magazines. I then write up the notes and send them to the Editor, for printing on the Waterford page. There is always Birthdays. I take note who is in hospital. I love doing this News sheet for our Waterford dialysis unit. There are people and special things I will miss when my new Kidney transplant comes along. However, I welcome and nurture the new in my life. I go forward fearlessly, one step at a time. As I have said I have great faith, and a heart full of hope. my confidence and self-esteem are growing by the day. Remember my readers ‘Do what you love <3 Love what you do. Namaste dear hearts.