I had a lovely surprise last night after getting home from my day out. When I checked my Outlook emails. There was an email from The Author show, in America. I had entered a Synopsis of my book. for the Competition.,has This is a big competition 50 best writers 2018. I have been chosen as a finalist for the competition. My heart was beating like a drummer on speed, with the excitement. I would dearly love the prestige of winning this Competition. I need people to vote for me. What a boost to my confidence for the feisty renal warrior “Liz McCue” or dear old Lizzy bits; Yesterday was a busy and exciting day for me. I was at a book fair in a local village called Bonmahon. I was telling my Book ‘Thursdays child book. I did really well for myself I met lots of lovely people to chat too. I covered my table price and had money left over. this made my day. As some people left a bit down in the dumps. I asked St Anthony for his help. In Kent’s shop Kilmacthomas they have a collection box. I just happened to put some coins in the box. Yes, he helped me greatly. God bless dear St Anthony More will be given today as a gratitude. Barney my partner in crime or my other half brought me to and from the Church where it was on. I met beautiful people old and new. I met a few of my writer friends. I have one man who is a Poet. He always encourages me and gives me tips. Tom is a great Poet. Thank you Tom Power. Good luck with your next book in December Tom. Today I am off my Sid session since Saturday. please God, I will feel much better tomorrow than I did last Tuesday I was very unwell. When I can get my two footsies on the floor, to inhale air into my body Ready to face the memorable day ahead, with hope in my heart. Knowing if I change my thoughts then nothing can phase me. I have great faith my angels and saints are walking with me on my path I have been blessed by the Miracle of my life on this Monday the 5th of November Bonfire night in England Happy Guy Fawkes my English family and friends. Do what you love dear ones and Love what you do. Namaste dear hearts. x