Hello, everyone. I have missed writing my blog. I have had time off. Due to stresses and strains. Thank goodness I’m back on track. Today went reasonably well, on the dialysis machine. I had a lovely surprise from my sister, across the pond in England. We had lost contact for ages, out of the blue she phoned this afternoon. I was out doing my daily errands, I saw the red light flicking on the home phone. When I checked the messages to see my sister Anna had phoned me.. I called, and we had a good catch up. Putting the world to rights. Blood is thicker than water, and always will be in my books. We are like twins Both born March the 10, On my 14th birthday, Anna Maria McCue arrived safely into this World. We can read each other’s mind. We share. ESP Telepathic and of course Empathy. We have such a strong bond between us. We even know when one of us is in pain Although we are an ocean apart, the other sibling can feel exactly where the pain is. I love my darling sister with all my heart. I felt elated chatting to her about family memories and news. She is the best. I am blessed.to have her and my Nephews Scott, Denny. and Niece Megan. My 2 great nieces, Amelia and Emily. Plus their mummy Danielle. Scots another half. My own little family. I am another day nearer my new Kidney. I saw my Consultant today He is pleased with my progress, good health and my creative writing to keep me occupied while I wait for the new gift of Life. I am glad to be back on my blog. Thank you, my followers, for your support on my Internet platform. Stay safe in the Orange warning Heave rain Strong gale force winds. Do what you love. Love what you do. Namaste dear hearts. <3