To my dear friends family and acquaintances that have their good working kidneys, sometimes its taken for granted. “Oh wait Liz I need a pee”. What a nuisance having to get up 2 or 3 times in the night they might say cursing the job of peeing. I might stand their and nod my head, agreeing with them. While in my own mind I’m thinking get some cop on here my darling.. Theres me that would be delighted to be able to have my wee and not to be on a fluid restriction of 1 litre a day. To be on a special restrictive diet of all the things I love. Anything that would be healthy for an ordinary person is just not on my menu. I love Ice cream milky produce Chips peas beans peanuts oranges bananas seafood, on and on the list goes. High salt protein potassium are all no nos. I need 2 Calcium acetate tablets to bind my phosphates in my body. Everytime I eat. If I forget these tablets I itch and my eyes become red and sore. All food contains phosphates This also causes an itch I do be like a manic monkey on a Monday, due to my extra day off. The toxins have built up and this makes me terrible itchy. The hotter I get in bed, the worse I need to itch. Manic Mondays would be a thing of the past for the feisty renal warrior. I could drink a full pot of tea. I could go for a coffee with friends. Leave them sitting waiting as I say Oh just a minute I need to pass my wee. That’s my hope for the future. My nightly prayer. Dear God please hear my prayers. <3