A nice day off, from Sid. I had a lovely lay in. My other half Barney took me to the nearest town Dungarvan, for my shopping. The weather last Friday was diabolical. We refrained from traveling out for the shops.. At least it was quiet enough for a Monday. Plenty of parking space for us in the Supermarket car- park. My Seafood Fish shop was shut. They don’t open on a Monday. I did well I got my lovely fish in Super Valu, I had a nice feed of Hake for tea. The weather was bright enough Not too cold. At times its good to see new sights and see new faces. Like the saying goes A change is as good as a rest. As today is Monday, I must admit I will be glad to be relieved of extra bodily fluid and nauseous toxins, that have built up since Saturday afternoon. One never misses a body organ until the organ no longer works. I look forward to my week ahead to see what great things I have in store. I am constantly getting my finalist competition out on the Social networking sites. How I would love to win the first prize. The prestige of winning. the excitement will be mighty. If you read this then please Vote for the feisty renal Warrior Liz Mccue. <3 Love what we do Do what we love. Namaste dear hearts Have an extraordinary week filled with Love joy peace patience understanding determination and motivation. God bless us all as we walk our path of life. https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/100014023099414