My thought for Wednesday the 14th of November. Life is very precious to me. I have fought hard over the years, to stay alive. I know when my time is up I won’t need to fight. I feel God has a roll call We all receive numbers when we arrive here on Earth. Out of our mummies tummy. What we do with our gift of life is entirely up to us. We must remember our beautiful life is a miracle from God above, which must be grateful for. There is no dress rehearsal. The time we get is a limited edition. Therefore whatever goals we have must always be focused on and when we manage to achieve the goal give gratitude and move on to the next one. I was very sad today to read a dear Facebook friend is at the End-stage Kidney failure. This dear lady has refused treatment to keep her alive any longer. I remember when I was on death’s door, maybe a day away from passing over. I could not breathe eat Wee. I slept long hours Hardly waking up at all. My mother and stepdad Frank, my little sister Anna My aunties uncles cousins friends were all devastated to see me slipping away before them. I owed it to them and to myself to fight for the rest of my life. At times I was scared But I know God and the angels and Saints were edging me on. My time was not yet up. I had lessons to learn. I was 19 years that time. I am now 58 years young I have lived a great life. Done an amazing lot of achievements. I have had 3 wonderful transplants Only one was a complete success This gave me a 13-year break from my daily treatment. At times I have had struggles I count the days until my next successful kidney. I have more books to write More inspiration and positivity to spread. I would not change my life for anything. I have learned great lessons Met beautiful people along the way. I enjoy being active and making my friends happy I am a confident feisty renal warrior. Fighting my way to Kidney transplant number 4 Thank you God for my beautiful life here on Mother Earth. I for one know my Life is worth every battle and God will help me all the way along the path on my Highway to heaven. A lot further on in time. Namaste dear followers <3 x