A Tough Old Station. This is what I think of my life at certain times. . . I get up in the mornings at 06.45 am on 3 mornings a week without fail. Like starting an imaginary train journey on the Waterford to Dublin train. The time I am away from home seems endless. Even though its usually only 6 hours from the time I leave my home to the time my driver brings me home again. John my contract driver slows up at 07.00 am. I sometimes go off smiling feeling happy other times I feel wound up like a Yoyo ready to spring into action only in slow motion. I always pray before I get up from my bed. For all the people I know and care about The people suffering from all forms of abuse All that needs extra special intentions in life myself included. My family friends etc. I feel much lighter after my prayer meditation. This leaves me free to get on with my day. I pack my bag the night before like I use to pack my school bag, many years ago. Books pens pencils writing paper Crisps and a tin of drink to wash down my crisps after eating the salty snack That I chide from view from the nurses and dietician. Saves the lectures from them on eating too much potassium and phosphates. Life is short If I cannot cheat now and again what is the point, After all, it could be booze I am sneaking in, to consume on the machine, or going drinking the evening before. Anyway, I am waiting patiently for my next Kidney transplant Therefore I refuse to drink beer spirits or wine in case the call would come and Liz McCue was three sheets to the wind on the dreaded drink.. It’s a long time since I drank alcohol. I feel better without this substance. No dreadful hangovers from hell. Like I use to have years ago. Hearing me saying never again No booze for me Yeah right, next chance I got I was sitting puffing fags to beat the band Knocking back Gin and thinking I was the business While I made an ass of myself, getting off my head whenever I had the inclination to do so. Anyway, back to the 3 day Sid routine and the tough old station, After I let Alfie boy the dog out to have his wee I gather my coat and bag together and head off with my driver. The journey takes about a half hour away from my village The hospital is the other side of Waterford City. I travel with another patient named Alan. We arrive about 07.30 am and find our bed Sometimes I am lucky I get put on quickly and have a great session. The nurses have their favorite patients and we have ours too. I love getting certain nurses We have our interesting chats and a few laughs as they put them dreaded needles in my leg. to attach me to my dialysis Sid machine. Sometimes its Arrrhhhhh I am mumbling at the nurse in question. and sometimes there’s awe thanks nurse I never felt them old needles today. Often I sleep for a few hours other times I write or read after my morning treats. Sometimes I might need to come off and use the toilet. Which I find embarrassing. The nurses dislike, patients, having to do this. As they are always a shortage of staffing on our unit floor. Our nurses are sweet darlings They do their utmost for us patients. We get their best care. However, I feel like the 3 days do feel like traveling along a track Not knowing what station I will be getting off this train. God is my driver The angels are there to let me off at the right stop for my highest good. Thank you, God, for keeping me safe and protected as I travel the distance you have set for this feisty renal Warrior. Do what we love, love what we do Namaste dear hearts, Hoot, hoot my dear hearts <3