Hello, readers. Liz McCue here, I am hoping you are not losing interest in the feisty renal warriors’ postings. As you guessed last night I was not on my Internet platform, one was rather sleepy after the dialysis session yesterday morning. There was pandemonium in the downstairs Unit. Water was off on most of the machine areas. Our nurses were running around trying to sort all the patients out, to make sure we all got the dialysis we needed, Especially with the long Weekend upon us, and all the patients having a few days off. A few of the men and I were sent up to the acute unit at the medical 2 ward, so they could get the other patients on the few machines that had water downstairs. See its not all plain sailing in the Renal Dialysis Unit at the University Hospital We get our down days too. The unit upstairs was calm and peaceful and the nurses were less taxing on the brain. Sometimes we get very short of renal staff it’s scary to see the nurses fretting over small holdups. when I get the wonderful successful Kidney transplant I will feel like I’m in heaven. I will always be very grateful for my healthy living Organ. Scared also after spending 14 years on my Kidney machine and then to get my kidney and be able to have a Peewee :0 I will be Gobsmacked for a while. Not for long mind Lol. I have too much to do Goals and dreams to conquer. Because a person has to die for me to live, I will look after the person’s organ really well. Out of sincere gratitude for the deceased Cadaver in heaven. Tomorrow I have a day off from Sid I hope to go out early with my dear pal in her car for a spin and some Brunch. speak soon. Namaste dear ones. Have a motivated Monday 🙂