I have had a couple of days absence, since my last Blog post. In the time gone by I have been doing my Paul McKenna CD sessions, called “3 Things that will change your destiny today.”, I get more determined to succeed in my next venture. I love writing my blog. I’m not sure if anyone reads my words or if I am writing to amuse my mind. Anyway, it’s helping me. As all my close friends know I adore writing from my mind and how much of a buzz It gives my heart and soul. a sense of healing, like breathing out negativity, and inhaling pure positivity. I get rid off all my pent-up anger, by clicking away at my Personal Computer keyboard, as fast as possible, without looking back for ages. Then reading back and checking my word spelling mistakes and grammar errors, as best I can. learning as I go along. I’m delighted for. my dialysis partner in -crime Alan, he is jetting off to New York for 5 days, Leaving tomorrow morning Thursday 22 nd of November, coming home next Tuesday 27 th., Our contract driver John, brings us both in to our hospital session 3 days a week. Alan is a lovely young man, He has a great sense of humor. Alan will be having 1 kidney dialysis session in a hospital in downtown Manhatten. How lucky is he? Still, if one person can do this awesome trip, then there is hope for other patients to head off for far-flung destinations around our globe, money permitting that is. I know in some EU Countries Dialysis can be free of charge for a renal dialysis session. Like the time I went to Lourdes in France with the Renal Pilgrimage that took deserving renal patients away for 5 days. I had 2 free sessions in Tarbert For me this was free for the dialysis. Please, God Alan’s vacation will be a great adventure for the lad. I am sure there will be tales to tell, as he will be there for Black Friday sales. If he lives to tell the tale I believe there does be pure pandemonium in the massive sales held in the States. One never knows I might even chance to venture further next year. I might even have the much-needed Kidney Transplant, that I am counting down for. Wow, that would be a beautiful Miracle for Lizzy-bits, the feisty renal warrior. That will be 24 years on the 4th of March 2019. Excluding the 13 magnificent years, I had my 3rd Kidney transplant. God bless all the departed Organ Donors that are now in heaven. Plus all the dear family members that generously give their Organs for transplantation. We give all our Gratitude and our humble thanks. Namaste dear hearts <3