Hello, Blog readers. A 4 day break since my last ramblings. I have been kept busy, Saturday I took a tumble down the steps, that lead from the footpath to my front door. We went to the local Chipper, for our Fish supper to takeaway. Having forgot to leave the outside light on at home, to help us see our way in properly. I had the chips wrapped securely and I had another few shopping items in my hands. Lucky for me, because the last time I fell, out went my hands to save my head and face. Ending up breaking both my delicate wrists, getting bad facial bruising. Lucky for me I only got a few bruises as a memento of my November fall. there was no breaks or cuts I am pleased to report Pride comes before a fall, my dear mother always quoted Anyway I lived to tell the tale. Lots more memories to share tomorrow. With love from the Feisty renal warrior, Liz McCue PLEASE Vote for Liz McCue I need your votes