Last Monday the 26th of November I was admitted to hospital for a Gynecology procedure in theatre. I was worried about this, as anyone that has read the memoir, will know anesthetics and me can disagree. Thankfully all went great The Doctor did it under sedation. I had no issues with the sedation I’m pleased to say. The worry for weeks before been admitted was a bit nerve tingling. I was home at 16.30pm. My other half Barney picked me up in our Car. This morning I was up out of my bed like a young Spring box on the tear. I felt really positive and full of beans. The procedure was needed for my Kidney work up. Hopefully, the results will be all good coming back. I keep the bright side out as best I can. New goals need to be set. 2019 is coming I never need the new year to make my resolutions. I make them when I feel the need Live life as best we can. That new Jumper that was never worn get it out and wear it tomorrow. we are all worthy of our own TLC. If Tomorrow never comes is a wonderful song. Let’s think for a minute, what is important to us. what makes us tick. What do we really want to achieve? To aspire too? To own, the list is endless I am heading to bed now. I will dream of my wishes and see myself achieving these goals. Especially my New Kidney Transplant. My Gift of Life from God and the angels in Heaven. I Love what I love, love. I do what I love. Namaste dear hearts 😉