Good evening readers. I trust the day was good for most. That many happy memories were made, that can be shared with loved ones and friends, in time to come. My day was a strange affair. I did not feel too special after my theatre op trip in the hospital Monday. I ‘m not going to elaborate on. for fear of sending you all scuttling off in further evasive directions. I had to visit my pharmacist this afternoon, for pain relief and Diazepam to settle the pain and the nerves. I am all tickety-boo for the evening. I kept busy with my daily goal setting Doing the mundane jobs that I usually put on the Lizzy bits long finger or the never-never list. I feel much better to get those mundane jobs out of the way, for another few weeks. Christmas is coming, I feel the excitement is welling up in my tummy. Like a child with great expectations waiting for Santa Clause. this coming Friday there’s the Late Late show Toy show. Most people young and old enjoy Ryan Tubridy or Tubs as his known presents this yearly show, for us all to enjoy. Thinking of the brand new bright 2019 year to come . Like I have said we don’t need a new year to make a resolution. What’s wrong with the here and now, life is never promised. Live the life of our dreams on this day God has bestowed on us today. Write that manuscript or make them sculptures take them amazing photographs or join them dancing classes. We can be Creative and put passion into our days and nights. We must never have regrets because life is precious and time is on a short span for us human benings. Let’s live the dream today my readers. take the bull by his horns, and buck leap, be the best Bucking Bronco bull ever. We are here to make the best Mother earth for us all. To learn all our Life Lessons. then we go back to where we belong. spread the love and spend time with loved ones, doing the things we desire. Make those daily goals come through. be brave feel the fear and go do it anyway. surprise ourselves. Do what you love. Love what you do, Namaste dear hearts <3. I need your Votes my readers to win this Competition Please Vote Liz McCue.