November the 29th today. that leaves 25 days till Christmas day, Tuesday the 25th of December. Tomorrow night RTE 1 has Ryan Tubridy’s, Toy show for all the children in Ireland. I always find the little Thursday’s Child inside my heart, loves watching Children play. I never played much as a child. Due to living far from other children. I had Towser our dog as a best friend. He guarded me against strangers and looked out for me. One day I fell and hurt myself in the back garden, Towser bounded up and down the path, barking his head off at the back door of our house. Granddad was inside drinking his tea. He just knew I was probably in bother, for Towser to come looking for help for little Elizabeth, I loved that beautiful animal. A right mongrel Tall black and the unusual looking dog Towser was. We had a great bond, for an animal and human. Dear old Granddad brought me into the Kitchen, getting out the awful smelling TCP and his big hanky, come here child till I clean your cuts. I thought the cuts were bad. Janey Mack my heart was broken., The pain it caused, I nearly let out a roar, with the stinging of the awful TCP on my cuts. Tonight’s blog is about my Childhood memory. Little stories that weren’t in my Memoir. One never knows when this new Kidney transplant will come along, the phone could ring anytime. What an awesome phone call that will be for me. I will be over the moon. Just knowing if the new Kidney works for me, like my last successful transplant in 1998. I will no longer need a kidney Dialysis machine keeping Lizzy bits alive. Just Gods gift from a departed Cadaver. Tonight I offer prayers and great gratitude for all Donors their families and friends. namaste dear readers <3