Well, this morning I found it hard enough to throw the covers off me and venture my two feet on to the floor. I thought I had turned off the alarm. That word always seems to make a fool of me. Twice it made that alarming sound As if once wasn’t enough. Trust me for not putting my glasses on and turning the alarm off properly. I hummed and hawed, It wasn’t until I said my morning prayers, that my mind was fit and ready to function properly. Some dark morning I feel a bit despairing, thinking when is my gift of new life, meaning my Kidney transplant ever going to come. When will the telephone ring and the administrator in Beaumont hospital, Dublin ever going to tell me to come up ASAP. I really need to be counting my blessings. I do know this, as there are people that dont even get on the transplant list. Once I am up and focused on my day ahead all seems to tick along nicely Like the beats of my heart The motivation sets off the determination button inside my mind. All it takes is one step at a time and change the negative thought to a positive one. The morning will be great. My day will be a success and 9 times out of 10 this is the case. Life is like an oil painting. It doesn’t need to be any shape or form, just beautiful uplifting colours. We can paint whatever we like in our mind look at the coloured canvas and imagine we see all our goals, this is called a vision. We are the only ones that can see our reality on the canvas No one else can, they will only see their own. So remember focus only on what is right for us Not everyone will have our visions. If they do, not to worry there is plenty to go around. The Law of attraction can manifest, whatever we require for our highest good, we need to be patient, divine timing. We need to have faith and hope. Where there is a will, there’s always a way. This is Lizzy bits motto for the 21/10.2018