To all the Warriors out there in the Universe. fighting Cancer and many other terrible illnesses, and Dis-ease. A lady I know that has fought for her life, battling Cancer has had her last breath tonight…There was always a smile on her face. God Rest her beautiful heart and soul. Feeling sad for a glowing beacon that will never shine again. Fly high with the Angels sweetheart. Well, yesterday was a lovely day for me. I was selling my book at the Christmas fete near to the village where I live. The Committee made me so welcome at Fenor fete. I sold a few books, this brought a smile to my rosy cheeks. I even got a complimentary tea and a table to use for my books. What more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon? Today I have time off from Sid my dialysis machine time for a root at the old photo bag. I found some happy memories that made me chuckle and smile. What a nice time I had thought back on beautiful memories of days long gone. Some sad ones too. However, the good always outdoes the bad, thankfully. The 4th of December is tomorrow, 21 more days till Christmas day. A special time of year, for Children. I know it can also be a very sad time for people that are split up from their family by divorce or death., or maybe by War and fighting. I offer up prayers for all that are sad and lonely at this time. healing hugs Namaste dear hearts <3 x