Hello, my followership. A trip to Dungarvan was just what was needed for me today. For a celebration treat. I spotted a delightful Gold sparkly mat in Currans. I snapped it up straight away. A beautiful gift for winning the 50 great authors competition. When I look at it now I can say roll on my next achievement’ big or small. To reward me with some other cozy item for my home. Onwards and upwards is my motto for 2019. I want to change the rooms and declutter the home and mind. I often wonder how much I gather over a few months or even a year. My legs were very stiff today sore to walk on. Maybe it was the cold weather. My Christmas tree is up and the lights and decorations are all aglow, Tomorrow is the last Dialysis session of my week. I keep wondering if this month my kidney transplant number 4 will come along. It will be nerve tinglingly good and I will be praying for the person that had to die for me to live a better quality of life. For all donors alive or dead god bless them all. Namaste dear hearts <3