The 12th of December today. These weeks are blowing in and gushing out. I seem to blink and its the weekend. My life revolves around my kidney dialysis sessions.3 days per week. I start my Renal week on a Tuesday. I then look forward to Saturday. I do the can-can dance knowing I have my long break ahead to look forward too. No matter how good I am over the weekend, with my fluid level restrictions and diet. Come Monday morning I’m nearly down on my knees Praying for Tuesday, In need of Life-saving treatment. When people have their Kidneys, its a true blessing. No diets no fluid restrictions, been able to go off on a whim to visit a friend, Sit drinking numerous cups of Tea Coffee Cappuccino Latte or expresso. For me to do that I would be rushed into my local hospital for emergency treatment. Toxins and fluids build up very quickly. My Kidney transplant number 3 just stopped working 14 years ago This was extremely hard on me, to be reliant on an artificial kidney to cleanse my body. This Christmas why not have a talk with your next of kin and all the family Decide to leave your organs to be transplanted for other people. To help them to live after you have gone to heaven Please know we do not need our organs in heaven. Be a good Samaritan Please let someone have your organs Your heart lungs Kidneys liver corneas The list is endless. Save lives by becoming an organ donor Give the Gift of Life this Christmas. Even small children can benefit from an adults body part. What a precious and priceless gift this would be. Namaste dear hearts Love what you do. Do what you love. Live life to the full.