Monday 17th December 2018. Next Monday will be Christmas Eve. All the little children will have to be in their beds early before Santa Clause comes creeping in. Remember children tell your mammies and daddies not to burn to much coal turf or logs on the evening fire. Just in case he needs to use the chimney to get the gifts in for your children. That way Santa or the presents wont get scorched. Holy God that would not do. Just imagine how upset all the children would be, waking up to see their lovely intended presents all charred and burnt. Plus Santa on the way to the local hospital A+E with scorch marks on his body and gaping holes in his Santa suit. How embarrassing that would be for dear Santy. Mrs. Clause would be terribly worried, not a sign of her beloved husband Mr. Clause coming skidding home on his sleigh with Rudolf with his red nose and reindeers helping to pull Santa’s sleigh. Be warned dear Mammies and daddies don’t burn a big fire on Christmas eve, or there will be disappointed children all over Ireland. Heres hoping we all get what we wish for this Christmas season of Goodwill. I personally hope and pray everyone young or old has a happy peaceful and somewhat healthy Christmas and New year. that 2019will be magical. That everyone that makes resolutions stick to them for as long as they can. That God and his angels and saints will guard and guide us through our trials and tribulations. May peace be with us all from now until eternity. Namaste dear hearts <3 PS Santa maybe you could find me a successful Kidney Transplant Amen.