Hello, readers. Heres hoping we are all reasonably well and keeping our best side out. Some Tuesday morning I feel slightly under parr. well, friends, this was one of those days. One of our Renal members, passed away on Sunday, After celebrating his 55th birthday Saturday with loving family and friends. The dead man’s heart needed a long-term break. How sad we all felt today. Our brave warrior Sean has reached the end of the line. I am sure I speak for all my comrades in the Renal Unit. When I say he was well loved and was a jolly comrade on our dialysis days. Making us laugh and telling yarns to beat the band. God bless you our dearest forever and ever pal This has quietened me down considerably I leave my Prayers with everyone 0n this cold grey day. May Tomorrow bring Joyous and happier memories, my readers. From the feisty renal warrior herself. Liz McCue.