Sunday the 21/10/2018. The Catholic holy day, of rest for some souls. No Sidmachine needed today. My long 2 day break. Yahoo. Yesterdays Sid went amicable for me and my Lifesaving Sid machine. I ate my forbidden Tayto crisps under wrap, I hide them under the covers. Haha the nurses are like tracker dogs they can smell the flavours without any bother. I am sure I must surely have shares in Tayto, they are my favorite. No other crisp can match my Tayto. As for diet Coca cola, well enough said incase the renal dietitian might be having a peak preview at Liz’s blog. The Sun is shining, this morning was on the windy side. Not that I seen much of it. I was under the duvet in the land of nod. Having harmonious dreams. I did my Affirmations . 1, Today I welcome and nurture the new in my life, I gave gratitude for all that I have already, all that I have achieved in the last few months. My riches in abundance. How well my book is selling All my family and very dear friends. I have much to be grateful for. I love writing this Blog it uplifts my soul. I hope just one person might read it. I wish you all a memorable magical day. Namaste dear ones.