Hello, My followers and friends. Today was my Sid day off. A special Very Best Friend brought me off to the local pigeon Loft restaurant for a bite of brunch. we had a great laugh and a catch-up. This was our present to each other to spend quality time with one another. Time is precious and a valuable gift to share with our friends. Before I left The Greenway Pigeon loft in Kilmacthomas I asked the supervisor would they sell my book for me on the bookshelf where other local authors had their books. The answer was yes I was delighted my friend brought me to the delightful place for our Friday morning brunch. My weight may be up a bit in the morning when I get weighed for my Sid session. I had a few extra cups over my allowance. Still, the Tea was lovely and hot and oh so lovely. I could not resist a second cup. Awe sure its almost Christmas. Today was the Winter Solstice in New Grangehttps://www.newgrange.com/ This morning at the crack of dawn there were visitors gathered from everywhere to enter the chamber There was a lottery of names, only so many received an entry permit. They did not see the Sunrise as the sky above was oh so dark with rain clouds. Why not have a read about this underground stone tomb for yourself at the Web address. I hope to go there one day Also Glastonbury in England Another neolithic place for Newage revelers, all the years I gave in England I was never into a way out spiritual ideas Since I came home to Ireland my mind has opened I am glad to say. The Shortest day. From now on the nights will get brighter a few minutes every evening. It is also a New moon tonight. Anyway, my dear ones Namaste to us all. https://www.newgrange.com/