Nearly 2018 out, and still no kidney transplant. Heres hoping 2019 will be full of mystical miracles for me and my dear renal family. The last two years has been a real eye-opener for me. I have traveled far on a different path of creativity. The spiritual pathway is still helping me along, I love having, my foot in the door to Creative enlightenment As an avid reader of novels I aspired to be a published writer one day. I wanted to keep the story real. What better way that writing from my own experience. The tale is real. At present, I am ready to start my next book, However, the idea is great in theory, Yet I am finding it hard to choose what story to write. I am told to write about the dog Others wanted children’s stories. I listen to each comment and am left clueless, instead of following my gut and putting my heart and soul into a believable story that will sell and be in the bookshops This is my goal for 2019. I feel it might be better to do a spiritual book. As I believe there is a lot more to life than we understand, maybe humans don’t want to muddle our minds in finding out things that might seem far-fetched to other people. Every day we wake up without fail. I believe everything in our universe comes with a time span. Like the 4 seasons in a year Spring turns to Summer and then Autumn turns into Winter. A blossom is planted in the Autumn, Starts to bud in Spring. blooms in all its glory Summer. Then returns to seed in August. Come winter time the high winds come and the precious seeds are blown north south east and west. Starting another cycle of life. Just like human nature. Animals and mankind. The seed is inserted to the female by the male, 9 months later a baby is born. Years come and go. The older we get the quicker life feels to slip past us. We learn them lessons that we came to Earth to learn. Then God calls us gently by name, our magnificent heart stops beating. Light and energy leave the body. and breathing stops. Before that happens, please remember the organs that God gave everyone will not be needed in heaven. Please sign that card and leave your Gift of Life for another mortal to live a much better existence, here on Mother Earth. What better legacy could you leave to benefit another person. Make that resolution and carry a Donor card. Happy New Year to all you beautiful people. May 2019 bring us peace joy happiness and other special intentions. x