Happy New Year to my friend Max Young. This guy has helped me every step of the way with my Website and Blog. Thank you, Max. Friends are very special people. We look out for one another and will try to be there when needed. Sometimes people come into our life just at the correct moment. The Law of attraction always draws the person we need. They know the right words to lift our spirit on a grey day. I have 3 awesome They are always very near to my heart. They pop up like a colorful genie just when they are needed. God Bless my precious pals. You mean the World to me. I really hope 2019 will be an awesome year for everybody. I send out distant Integrated Energy Therapy healing and Prayers every night without fail. I believe that prayers are conversations with our loving Creator. When we need help we can ask and know that if it’s for our highest good then our Creator will send us what we request. My main request is for my 4th successful kidney transplant. please hear all our prayers.