Today’s message 22/10/2019. The patient with patience. Good morning my follower/s. I do hope there are people registering to follow my new Kidney Countdown blog. I’m delighted to have this blog. It brings me hop. I know one day soon my new gift of life will manifest, We must always add for my highest good. Belief and trust are a positive thought to have, every moment of our existence, no matter what we are waiting to manifest. The Transplant patient is a great name for the recipients of their new Kidney graft. We have to have patience. The wait can be long at times. se two words are very similar When we look quickly these words look the same. i am learning good things from liz’s blog. I check my spelling with Google. I learn new words and the proper meaning for the word. I went on my first machine at 19 years old. I am now 58 years young. With only a 13 year successful break from machines. I am a patient with great patience. <3 Today I send love to the Universe and I pray we all wait with a positive attitude. May Monday bring some magical moments and fond memories on Liz's New kidney Transplant countdown journey