For those that are following my transplant workup, I bet you thought Liz is after emigrating without a whisper to you all. Since Christmas day I have not been too great with my pneumonia which I ended up in hospital. Since then I have had a residue of old gunk on my lungs. I have been removed from the Transplant list for a short while, till I get myself right. No point in me getting that much-needed phone call to be sent home to recuperate. To me, that would be my worst nightmare. I am in great spirit I know 2019 is my year. I have my goals mapped out on my Vision board. I trust and truly believe I am deserving of great things for my highest good. God looks after those that help themselves, to manifest what is in our own best interest. If we think we can or we can then believe me You are right. Always think the best of every situation. We might be broken hearted for not getting what we thought we wanted or needed The law of attraction has mighty better plans ahead for us Superhuman beings. We must love ourselves inside and out and value our lives. Because today is our present from our loving father God in heaven. Ask and we will receive. Prayers are our talks with our divine heavenly father. Thank you, dear readers, out there in Social Network technology. Namaste dear hearts