On this day in 2004, Liz McCue has been on her Sid 15 years meaning my dialysis machine. there have been good times and the odd worrisome days that has had me almost pulling my hair out I won’t bore you with the details. Water under the bridge and There’s no point paddling back upstream. Onwards and forever upwards is my motto. I have spent 25 years altogether on my machine with a 13 wonderful year break after my 3rd successful Kidney transplant. I went back on my Kidney machine on 4th of March 2004. from the age of 19, I have been a long term patient. Congratulations to me for doing my best to stay positive and reasonably happy. I give great gratitude to the people who work hard to keep me alive God bless you all my dear readers. To all taxpayers, I give sincere thanks. <3