Since my pneumonia trip to the University hospital just after Christmas, I ended up with all mucus on my lungs. Nothing for it only to take time out from being on the kidney transplant pool This made me very under parr. Well, after over 6 weeks of suspension from the kidney transplant list. I was getting very downhearted and losing hope. No sign of my doctor coming to say hello to me. Like he often does. A bright idea came to mind, ask the sister in charge of our dialysis unit to cut corners, I politely asked her to go up and speak with my Doctor. It saves going all around the half-acre to reach the front door. I had not got my answer however I know I am on the right track. I have a great feeling this kidney will be a 2019 successful kidney for the feisty renal warrior Liz McCue. Hope and courage keep my 2feet motivated. I pray daily that I never lose the spiritual faith that keeps me strong powerful and that extra bit confident. I am happy that I am feeling brighter and more upbeat after my long viral infections etc I have missed this page and really need to get back on track. I picture myself happy healthy and full of energy ready to let my light shine. To give other renal sufferers that glimmer of hope. Namaste