May our beautiful day filled with great riches, the kind that money cannot buy. My friends and family, please stand by each other. Cherish the people in our lives Because remember life is a waiting game We will never know when our number will be called by our Universal creator. How sad it would be to not be able to say goodbye or I love you to our loved ones. When a person can do this there doesn’t have to be too many ifs buts or maybes as we grieve for the departed. We know we have done the best by them. Remember looks can be deceiving a person could look great but inside they are ailing with ill health. 😉 May we be blessed with Angels love joy peace and happiness <3 good manners and respect for our fellow humans May there be one-day peace and harmony on our beautiful planet. day Friday 17th May 2019 On a brighter note to all of us waiting on the gift of life of any sort. Be it a lung-heart, Kidney pancreas Skin graphing, you name it someone needs a transplant in our hospitals and country. We are all waiting for the call from our Transplant administrator May that calls come soon for us and may the transplant be a wonderful success for us all when our time comes We review thanks for all Organ donors now and in the future, God bless us all or whomever we believe in