Another week of haemodialysis has finished. The Summer months are passing quickly. I’m back on my kidney transplant waiting list, after my respiratory pneumonia, a serious infection that lingered in the membranes that line the lungs. I’m blessed I’m in top form raring to get my 4th gift of life and loving life/ I give gratitude for having two days of relief fro the harsh needling 3 times weekly. However, needing the needles as my life support axis is quite different. I actually cry sometimes due to the sharp pain in my leg graft an artificial vein made with a plastic membrane inserted in the left top leg The blood flows through this tube the nurses can insert the needles into this tube. Thank God for the ingenuity of our health care system. Let us give our hard-working nurses the respect they deserve. three cheers to all the wonderful nursing teams that keep many of alive Goodnight followers Thank you for reading tonight’s post,