The Full Moon is tomorrow the 24th October. The Hunters moon its called. I have gathered my crystals together to put them out under this full moon. This cleanses all negativity that may have latched on to the crystals. I get great energy from my crystals. I also use the crystals while balancing
my Chakras There are 7 of these Chakras we use the most at the base of our spine we have the red This is for balancing our body. The function of our Chakras is to spin and draw in this energy to keep us all spiritually mentally and physically well. . The 7 chakras in the body are energy centers they start at the top of our head and end at the bottom of your spine. They regulate all parts of our bodily system, When our energy centres get blocked this can affect us in mood and illnesses and make us very irritable. The Crystals work wonders on drawing out any blocked energy from my chakras. That’s why I like to cleanse them under the full moon. I use 7 Crystals for the healing. The top of my head The Crown I use Amytesy. The third eye I use Lapis lazuli, On the throat I put aquamarine, on my heart Rose quartz, Tigers eye for my Solar system. Carnelian for my Sacral and Garnet for my Root Chakra. I get great abundance when I work with my Crystals. I was never a believer till I got into my angels . Yes that’s another nights blog. Today’s session went peacefully on my kidney machine I was not feeling great going into the hospital, however I was good coming home. I leave my love with you all Blessings love and light to us all.