I was taken off the Kidney Transplant list temporarily, due to a stint in hospital for a few weeks/. This has deflated me greatly. As anyone on the Transplant list could tell you. I have a 2 yearly update due soon. All patients are reviewed every 24 months. To check for their fitness and we are in good health. I wait patiently for my consultant Dr, to brake the news to me, as he has the answers I need. God bless the man. He was on a cycling vacation, peddling in the Italian alps or some other beautiful location. What a dedicated man he is for keeping his heart and body in great working order, I know this might seem extreme, to me our doctor is the best. He cares about all our welfares greatly. He agrees with what I say because he knows I know my own body and mind, after spending 10 years as a Kidney patient in England, in a Nephrology renal hospital in Oxfordshire. Every week I would do my 3 days on my dialysis machine. I spent 5 hours of my day having my blood cleansed, of waste toxins and have any fluids removed gently. The student nurses and interns to be would be learning from us, then the patients learnt from the student nurses. Win-win scenario all around. Our team were a jolly bunch and treated us with respect for the help we gave our nurses and carers. II long to get my final gift of life and live normally Namaste dear ones .