Hello, dear readers. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, a Happy healthy new year for2020. For all of us patients waiting patiently for our gift of life, Please God may our transplants come soon. At present, I’m temporarily suspended from my Kidney transplant list due to pneumonia early on in the year this left my body very weak and I need to build myself up, with special medicine drinks. My dietician Joanne has helped me greatly, for this I am grateful for her concern. I have started a new regime on my kidney dialysis machine It’s an up to date dialyzer that helps me reduce the body fluids in my system. That the older dialyzers could not remove. I am praying hard it does the trick for me. The only fault at present is I am getting low blood pressure now this might be nothing to do with the new dialyzer. However, it is a concern because I need the odd extra session in the week. All I am hoping is when I do the work up in the New Year is that I am fit and capable to join all my comrades and other warriors back on the 2020 list. For those that pray please offer up a prayer for all our special intentions. For this, I give you all great gratitude from the Renal Warrior Lizzy bits