Well, tickle me with a Pea hen’s feather, This young Spring chick is ready to turn the nifty 50s <3 into the Swinging 60s next Tuesday 10th. Tomorrow Ii will have spent 16 years on my Kidney dialysis machine named Able Mable. Its a lifetime to me I started at 19 years young. I had a kidney that worked after 10 years. So guess what this feisty renal warrior was a born fighter. There were no gold spoons when I was born. Oh no, just a shield and big shining Sword to keep the spark alive Talk about Fight or flight Well it was" Charge" as I sprinted into battle mode. Please, friends, do pray for your author pal Lizzy bits I need another Kidney transplant pretty soon. If we all pray for each others special intentions We might all have them truly answered. May our God walk with us every step of the way, keeping us safe and protected. May God bless us all as we sleep Sweet dreams to us all Lizzy bits<3