Hello to all Scorpions out there Who has a birthday between the 23rd of october to the 21st of November . Tonight’s full hunter’s moon is out in all it’s glory. I looked out my back door. Wow it took my breath away How spectacular looking this moon is to capture my attention. Tonight in honour of the hunters moon, I put pen to paper, and let my mind run free. 5 big A4 pages both front and back was filled in a couple of hours. I love creative writing. Escapism for me. My mind comes alive with sentences, I have never come across before. Words come and fit perfectly, even if I do need to check afterwards, that they are appropriate for the sentence, yes 9 times out of 10 they are spot on.. I’m learning from my creative writing I’m happy to say. If I cannot spell something I look it up and write it in my exercise book For further development along the way. I have put another few visions on my to do list. Where I need to improve myself. I want to get another book published in the future and maybe more after that. I aspire to have author on my coffin. I want many books to my name. I believe this is my purpose in life. Part of my earth lesson or Earth mission. To bring hope, faith, humour laughter, or help in any way I can from my writing. No matter how small. God knows I have far to go, just like every child born on a Thursday. We are all special and unique in our own star sign way. From the Piscean renal patient with the feisty manner. Today is the 24th of October. Here’s hoping in a few more full moons my kidney transplant will be waiting for me. I leave my love and blessings with you readers <3