Today is the 08/02/2020. I had lost faith of getting a kidney for a short while. Those that know me, Will knows there is never no giving up on my part. I came out fighting as a tiny baby, instead of a silver spoon I was given a shield for all my battles in life. My mother always knew I was a survivor . No matter what knocked me back, I always get up again. Like a bouncing clown, smiling from one ear to the other. That’s all I ever knew was survival. I’m very resilient, and capable of getting through near death encounters, I have experienced a few. Thank God above, its never my time to get my wings. I have much more to do here on Mother Earth. We all have a purpose in our lives, even if we do not know what that is. My purpose is writing real life stories. I aim to inspire others that may have long term illnesses or many other issues. We are all different individuals, we have goals and dreams to manifest in our life span. At present I need to have my heart check to see if my heart is tough enough for the big operation of an old Kidney transplant removal and a new grafted donor Kidney inserted in to the old spot. My fingers are crossed this works out okay for me and the heart is a super trooper like the Feisty Renal Warrior that takes care of the heart inside <3 I believe in prayer I trust it will open doors for my highest good. I trust what's for me, certainly wont pass me by. I leave my love with you dear readers. I thank you for your Followership. The Author Liz McCue